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We Are Quality Overseas Provider Maritime Services to Your Fleet


Our professional team has decades of combined experience in the maritime industry. Our team works daily according to planification based on the quality management system (Issue ISO 9001:2015 standard), with dedicated support personal help service ships and keep them on schedule. Trained crew members work under experienced captains to ensure the consistent, reliable handling of our services to ships, and our skilled, efficient personnel prioritize safety above all else.

We understand how important it is for the ships we service to operate smoothly and efficiently, and actively work to improve our processes and remain informed about all industry developments and best practices.

Ballast Water Management

Technical Underwater Inspection

Ship Suppliers & Husbandry service

Ship Repairs & Maintenance

Maritime Experience

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We are always in pursue of innovation, hence the constant search of ways to satisfy our customers needs through communication and personalized treatment, knowing that every customer has different needs that must be satisfied differently.

Our main work team is made up by seamaster, with more than 25 years of experience in the maritime industry, planning strategies to meet quality objetives and continuous improvements for the organization.

CREW SHIP SERVICE C.A., is the option that you should consider if the quality and professionalism is required. We are always ready to offer the best service, saving time and offering reliable solutions.


You can find detailed information about our services or request assistance from our team of customer service, we give inmediate answers to all your requirements.

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Av. Salom, CC Professional, Floor 3, Office 9C, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.




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